Donation Steps

The Process

As you enter a CSL Plasma donation center for the first time, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff. You'll be asked to provide a valid form of identification, proof of residency and proof of your social security number. Next, you will answer some questions using our donor kiosk. After answering these questions, our medical staff will review your medical history and conduct a physical examination (check your vitals) to verify your eligibility as a donor. Once all eligibility requirements have been met, you will then be connected to a plasmapheresis machine to donate your plasma. Although wait times may vary, the collection process usually takes approximately 90 minutes. Upon completion of your donation, you will be compensated for your time with a reloadable prepaid debit card.

How is Plasma Collected?

We collect your plasma using a process called "plasmapheresis." Plasmapheresis is a special process that separates the plasma from the blood and collects it in a bottle. The uncollected parts of the blood, including red blood cells and white blood cells, are returned to the donor. The return of these cells allows donors to donate plasma up to two times a week. The maximum frequency of donation is once in two days, and no more than two times in a seven-day period. The collection process usually takes approximately 90 minutes. We use a sophisticated high-tech machine that safely collects the plasma and returns the other parts of the blood to you. A needle is placed in the vein of the donor’s arm and plasma is collected using sterile equipment. The equipment is disposable and is used only once.

Is it safe to Donate Plasma?

Donating plasma is safe. The supplies used in collecting the plasma are sterile and are used only once. This ensures everything that comes in contact with your blood is safe.

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Plasma Donation Video
When you donate, you give a valuable gift to those who require plasma-derived therapies to live healthier lives. This video will give you a preview of your donation experience.
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Plasma-derived biotherapies save and improve the quality of life for people with rare and serious diseases worldwide.
Z Rewards
Saving lives just got more rewarding! Our donor rewards program, Z Rewards, lets you receive points for every completed donation.