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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between donating blood and plasma?

Blood donation and plasma donation meet very different – and essential – needs. People cannot donate blood as often as they can donate plasma, since plasma does not include the harvesting of red blood cells. Donating plasma only removes the liquid portion of your blood and returns your red blood cells to your body. Both blood and plasma donations are vital to our health care system. We applaud the individuals who participate in meeting these important needs.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary.

How long does it take to donate plasma?

If you are a return (repeat) donor, it normally takes about 90 minutes.  A first time donor can expect to be at the center for about 2 to 3 hours.

What is plasmapheresis?

Plasmapheresis is the process of removing whole blood and separating red blood cells from plasma.  The red blood cells are returned to the donor and the plasma is retained for use in preparing therapeutic products.

How is my plasma donation used?

Your first donation is used for testing, to ensure safety and quality. The first donation is used only after a second donation is made. Only then can we begin to produce life-saving therapies to help treat a variety of diseases and conditions. Due to the fact that plasma cannot be made in a laboratory, CSL Plasma depends on people like you for donations to make these plasma-derived therapies.

What is involved in donating plasma?

The process of donating plasma is similar to donating whole blood. The donor is comfortably reclined during the donation. A needle is placed in the vein of an arm and blood is collected in sterile equipment. The plasma is separated from the red blood cells, which are returned to the donor through the same needle.

Who benefits from my plasma donation?

Millions of people around the world are in need of plasma-based therapies. CSL Plasma’ plasma donations are used to treat people suffering from hemophilia, severe burns, shock, and a variety of other life-threatening conditions, such as exposure to rabies. Therapies are needed to help people in your community!

What are the possible side effects?

Possible side effects that can occur during donation include dizziness, fainting, nausea, convulsions, and shock. At the site of the needle stick, there may be blood leakage around the vein or bruising. If you have any questions about these or other possible side effects, call a center near you and ask our qualified medical staff. Drinking 16-24 ounces of caffeine-free, non-alcoholic liquid before coming to the center to donate plasma and eating the equivalent of a regular meal within three/four hours of donation should minimize the possibility of dizziness or fainting due to a lowering of circulating blood volume.

Can I get AIDS from donating?

No, absolutely not. The needles used during the plasmapheresis process are sterile. They are opened and used for the first time when you are in the donation chair. Any sterile tubing etc. with which you come into contact is also opened and used for the first time when you are in the donation chair.

Donation Requirements

How often can you donate plasma?

Generally, the body of a healthy donor can quickly replace the plasma that is removed during donation. Therefore, you can donate plasma up to twice a week. Current FDA Regulations state that the maximum frequency of donation is once in two days, and no more than two times in a seven day period.

How old do you have to be to donate plasma?

Plasma Donors must be at least 18 years old to donate.*
*Excludes Montgomery, AL

What kinds of identification do you need in order to donate plasma?

All donors must have a valid form of identification, proof of residency, and proof of a social security number, ready to present.  Proof of residency would include, but not limited to, a piece of mail postmarked in the past 30 days with your name and address clearly written on the envelope, current lease, etc.

What does marketing radius mean?

The marketing radius is determined by each center location and its recommended you contact the center nearest you to determine if you live within that radius. To find a complete listing of plasma centers, Click Here.

Can I donate if I have a new tattoo or body piercing?

No. You must wait 12 months from the date of the tattoo or piercing to be considered eligible for plasma donation. This 12 month period also includes any touch-ups.

If I am permanently deferred from one CSL Plasma location, am I deferred from all other CSL Plasma locations?

Yes, either a temporary or permanent deferral will prevent you from donating at any CSL Plasma location.

Are there any stipulations about living in Europe and then trying to donate plasma here in the U.S.?

We are required by federal regulations to permanently defer individuals who spent 3 months or more in the U.K. from 1980 through 1996, or 6 months or more associated with a military base in Europe from 1980 through 1996.

Visa Card


How do I set up a PIN number on my Visa Prepaid Debit Card?

You can establish your pin number by calling 1-800-238-9762

What do I do if I have lost or had my Visa card stolen?

To report your card lost or stolen please call 1-877-855-7201

How do I check my Visa Card Balance?

To check your Visa Card Balance, please call 1-800-238-9762 or Click Here.


How do I set up a PIN number on my Visa Prepaid Debit Card?

You can establish your pin number by calling 1-866-CSL-0200 or 1-866-275-0200

What do I do if I have lost or had my Visa card stolen?

To report your card lost or stolen please call 1-866-CSL-0200 or 1-866-275-0200

How do I check my Visa Card Balance?

To check your Visa Card Balance, please call 1-866-CSL-0200 or 1-866-275-0200 or Click Here 

Z Rewards

What is Concourse D?
Concourse D is a link off our corporate website CSLPlasma.com, where you will now be able to access several new and exciting programs, including Z Rewards, E Rewards and My Visa Manager. Visit CSLPlasma.com and click Concourse D on the left navigation to enter. 

What is Z Rewards?
Z Rewards is our donor loyalty program designed to make your donations more special, because with Z Rewards, in addition to the fees you continue to earn, you will now earn reward points for donations. Points can be redeemed at anytime, choosing from a variety of rewards available on CSLPlasma.com/z-rewards.

How do I enroll in the program?
There's no need! You automatically begin accruing points with the first qualified donation and every qualified donation thereafter starting January 1, 2009.  If you are a new donor you will be able to login to your account within 14-21 days after your 2nd donation. 

How do I login to my Z Rewards account?
Please visit CSLPlasma.com/z-rewards and login using the last 4 digits of your Donor ID # (The donor ID# can only be obtained by contacting a CSL Plasma employee at your donation center), last name (including suffixes, i.e. jr., sr.), and your date of birth exactly as they are listed at the donation center.  If you are a new donor please allow 14-21 days for your account to activate.  If you experience difficulty with your login, some helpful computer tips include: Disabling pop-up blockers, enabling cookies, and verifying your security settings. 

How do I earn points?
Earn points on each qualified donation: one donation equals one point. Every donation brings you closer to achieving one of three levels: Bronze, Silver, AND Gold. And each level brings with it, special recognition and status, awarded exclusively at that level. 

What are bonus credits and how do I earn them?
Occassionally the Z Rewards program may offer special promotions to reward our loyal donors even more!  Details will be posted in the donation center for promotional offers through Z Rewards.   Donors can also earn 1 Z Rewards point for completing the E Rewards survey for a donation.  The survey is available by signing into your Z Rewards account and clicking "Survey" on the left navigation menu.  Surveys will be posted 24-72 hours after a donation date, and are only available for 7 days from the donation date.  Certain membership levels also offer bonus points for achieving membership status. Points awarded for Z Rewards promotions, membership levels, and surveys can be viewed by clicking "Donation History", and then clicking the arrow beside of "Bonus Credits". 

How long does it take for donations to credit to my account and where can I view them?
Please allow 24-72 hours for a donation to credit to your account.  After signing in to Z Rewards, click "Donation History", then click the arrow beside of "Previous Donations", and scroll to the bottom of the window. The date last updated will show at the bottom of this window.  

Will I ever lose my points?
Points are expired for the following reasons: 1.) If there is a lapse in donations of 30 days or longer.  2.) If you do not login to your account once every 180 days (6 months). 

Will my point balance roll-over each calendar year?
Yes, the current point balance will roll-over each calendar year.

What is the difference between Credits Available and Total Credits Earned?
Credits Available refers to your current point balance.  Total Credits Earned refer to the total points earned since you have been a member of the program.

What are the membership levels and rewards?
The membership levels are as follows: Bronze (20 calendar year donations), Silver (60 calendar year donations), and Gold (100 calendar year donations).  The membership levels are based on calendar year donations and you will automatically be enrolled into the appropriate category upon reaching the minimum donation frequency in a calendar year.  The rewards offered at each membership level can be viewed by signing in to your online account and clicking "Donation History".  The membership levels and rewards are listed at the bottom of this page.

Will my membership level roll-over each calendar year?
No, as membership levels are based on calendar year donations, they will reset at the beginning of each calendar year.  The calendar year is defined as January 1st - December 31st.

Where do I view my # of donations for the calendar year?
After signing in to Z Rewards, click "Donation Summary" and the current year donations are displayed here.

How do I redeem points?
Visit us online at CSLPlasma.com/z-rewards to login in to your account.  From there, click "Online Store", and simply “add to cart” the items wanted and complete the checkout process. The point balance will be deducted automatically.

How will I receive the items ordered and how long does shipment take?
Once an item has been ordered, a confirmation screen will appear stating delivery will occur within 4-6 weeks. All items will be shipped to the address listed in Z Rewards; no items will be delivered to the donation center.

How can I view my previous store orders?
After signing in to Z Rewards, click "Donation History", and then click the arrow beside of "Previous Store Orders". The window that displays will show all previous store orders and the points deducted for those orders.

How do I change my address within Z Rewards?
In order to update your address within Z Rewards, the address must be updated at the donation center by showing proof of your new address. Once the new address is updated with the donation center, it can be verified in the profile section of Z Rewards within 48 hours.

What if my address changes after I have placed an order?
Please fill out a Change of Address Form with the postal service to forward mail from your previous address. 
Is there a quick access link to Z Rewards on the CSLPlasma.com homepage?
Yes, the Z Rewards quick access link is on the right side navigation of the CSLPlasma.com homepage.

Where are the Terms and Conditions of Z Rewards?
After signing in to Z Rewards, click "Online Store", and scroll towards the bottom of the page.


How much do you receive from donating plasma?
Donation fees vary by location, but plasma donors can earn up to $300 a month. Please contact the nearest center to learn more about the current donation fees, hours of operation and other marketing programs. Please Click Here for a list of locations.
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