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Donor Testimonial

ZLB Plasma Donor Testimonial CLAUDE:  "I have been donating plasma for almost 23 years. I first donated plasma just to earn some extra money to supplement my work income. However, when my mother got sick and was placed on kidney dialysis, she routinely needed plasma. For the next eight years of her life, she depended on this plasma. I also saw people at the local hospital that relied on plasma and plasma products. This need motivated me to donate plasma and has kept me motivated ever since. I just want to tell others that donating plasma is a way to reach out to others. I am not a doctor, but here’s one way that I can help people in need. I feel like I am working with healthcare, supplying life-saving products to others. I like making a difference!” 

ZLB Plasma Donor Testimonial VICTORIA: "I donate plasma to help children and adults that have experienced something in their lives that require the need for plasma. I actually have known someone who needed a product made from plasma. I’ve visited hospitals where I’ve seen patients who used plasma derived products. I once witnessed a child who was run over by a truck and was going to need plasma products as a results of the accident. If I could tell someone face-to-face about why they should donate plasma, I would tell them that it really makes you feel good after donating. Even though you made a small contribution to those in need, you still made a contribution!"


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