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Patient Testimonial

ZLB Plasma Patient Testimonial

Nearly 10 years ago, Jessica Kocsis delivered a healthy baby boy – Jeremy.  Shortly after, doctors discovered that Jeremy had Type 3 von Willebrand Disease (vWD).  The condition is an inherited blood disorder that hinders the body’s ability to form blood clots, and Type 3 is the rarest and most severe form.  Jessica was also tested and diagnosed with Type 1 vWD, a milder form of the same disorder.

Over the years Jeremy has spent a lot of time at the hospital for treatment, surgeries and multiple CAT scans following falls while learning to walk and crawl.  He has also had to miss school for hospital trips.  Each school year, Jessica prepares his teachers for possible problems and educates them on next steps should he begin to bleed.
Unfortunately, with the more serious form of vWD, Jeremy also faces “joint bleeds” and other internal bleeding problems that are often painful.  For example, Jeremy knows he needs a “joint bleed” treatment when he feels pressure, heat and bubbling fluids in his joints.

Jeremy takes Humate-P® intravenously.  Humate-P® is derived from human plasma and helps the body form blood clots and shorten bleeding…Since Jessica has Type 1 vWD, her condition is much less advanced and her medications are less involved.
Together, Jessica and Jeremy have learned ways to prophylactically treat his condition with Humate-P® enabling him to be more independent, attend Cub Scout camp and take up swimming…While he may never be able to forget his condition, Jeremy has a second lease on life and now focuses on just being a kid.

My name is Mona Nyman and I have Common Variable Immunodeficiency. I had this disease diagnosed in 1984 but the physicians feel that I had this disease for 20 years prior to the diagnosis.
When you have an immunodeficiency, you require treatment of IgG. I have been on IVIG for 22 years and because this disease that I have, I have been dependant on plasma products since 1984.

The problems that I was experiencing were repeated sinus infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia's. My doctors, at that time, would take a chest x-ray and give me an antibiotic. Generally, this would get somewhat better and approximately 4-6 weeks later, I would have the same symptoms again. Another antibiotic would be prescribed and again, shortly I would be ill again. After putting up with this for many years, I decided to switch doctors.

My first visit to a new Doctor was very interesting in that before he even saw my face, he said, "My you have a very severe case of Asthma. This was news to me. He then put me in the hospital and with 5 specialists checking in with me everyday for three weeks, I finally was diagnosed with common variable immunodeficiency. I was then sent to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

The Doctors at the Mayo Clinic immediately started me In IVIG. I received an IV everyday for the two weeks that I was hospitalized there. After taking many x-rays and doing numerous tests my Doctor informed me that I had severe lung damage due to the fact that the infections that I had, over all of the years prior to my diagnosis, had caused this damage.

Life has a new meaning to me now. I feel like I can do so much more and only have all of you wonderful people who donate plasma to thank for that. I do regret all of the things that I can not do now, due to the lung damage that I have, but again, I can do a whole lot more then I could several years ago. I enjoy each day, do all that I can and will continue to do so, thanks to all of you donors. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be alive today, without plasma products.

I am one of 50,000 people with this disease in the United States and none of us would be alive if we didn't receive a plasma product. It is wonderful to know, my life will be enriched because of your donations. I hope that you will continue to donate plasma and also encourage your family and friends to do so. I am alive, because of all of you.
I think the plasma centers are wonderful and do a marvelous job with testing and screening donors. Without that good service, some things might slip through the cracks.

Thank you to all of the centers, too. I am indebted to you, also.
Thank you all again and mostly, thank you for my life.

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