ZLB Plasma
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Center Tour

Reception Area

The Reception Area

• Donors are greeted by professional, friendly staff. 
• Each donor signs in and the process begins.


The Screening Area

• Donors are screened each time they donate plasma.
• Questions are asked about their medical history. 
• All questions are asked in a private, separate area of the center.


The Medical Office 

• The donor receives a brief screening exam and further review of their medical history. 
• The health and safety of our donors important to us.

Donation Floor

The Donation Floor
• The phlebotomist inserts a needle which is attached to the plasmapheresis machine. 
• The plasmapheresis machine separates the plasma from whole blood and returns the red cells back to the donor.


• Donors are compensated with a Prepaid Visa Card for your time.

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