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Donation Steps

Easy steps to a safe, efficient and comfortable experience

We want to make your plasma donation the most safe and comfortable donation experience possible.  The plasma collection process is safe, and takes approximately 90 minutes.  We achieve this by following a simple 5-step procedure.

Visit our Successful Plasma Donation page for tips and suggestions which will help you donate faster and feel better.

Donation Step 1

STEP 1 - Check in at the front reception desk
·All donors must have a valid form of identification, proof of residency, and proof of a social security number, ready to present.  Proof of residency would include, but not limited to, a piece of mail postmarked in the past 30 days with your name and address clearly written on the envelope, current lease, etc. 

Donation Step 2

STEP 2 - Medical staff will perform a health screening and physical exam
·Our qualified medical staff will ask you questions to verify your eligibility as a donor.  We will also check your vital signs, and perform a fingerstick, so that we can check the level of the red blood cells and plasma proteins in your blood, and record your medical history.  Your donor record file will be prepared, which will shorten the process the next time you come in to donate.

Donation Step 3 STEP 3 - You are connected to the plasmapheresis machine for donation 
·Plasmapheresis is the process of removing plasma from your blood.  The automated plasmapheresis machine removes whole blood, mixes it with an anticoagulant solution, separates the plasma into a container, then re-infuses the red blood cells back into the body.  This process takes about 45 minutes.  During this procedure, a sterile kit is used and your blood never leaves the system

Donation Step 4 STEP 4 - We thank you for your time and effort
·Thank you for taking the time out to donate plasma.  You have just given a valuable gift to those who are in need of plasma-derived therapies.  CSL Plasma  thanks you on behalf of these patients and adds to that by giving you a reimbursement for taking the time to donate.

 STEP 5 - Enjoy the rest of your day!
·You have just taken the first important step toward saving lives.  Now on to the final and most important step: Schedule your Second Donation!


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