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US Plasma Logistic Center

Plasma Logistics Center
US Plasma Logistic Center (PLC)

The PLC is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a state-of-the art logistics center. This 34,000 square feet facility houses areas for shipping and storage of plasma. The massive freezer is in itself 20,500 square feet and could easy house an entire plasma center!  Plasma units are received from throughout the United States and is held until units are released for shipment to one of our fractionation facilities located in Kankakee, Illinois; Marburg, Germany and Bern, Switzerland. All plasma cartons are sorted by pallet and can easily be stored and retrieved. Temperatures inside the giant freezer are maintained at below -30 degrees Celsius.

The receiving, storage and shipping of the plasma is controlled by sophisticated logistics software that is tied into the donor management computer system. In other words, there is "vein to vial" control in that a plasma unit can be traced from the initial donation, laboratory test results, logistics and onto the fractionation facilities and ultimately the product and end user--the patient.

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