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Plasma is the key ingredient for products crucial to treating patients suffering from a host of life-threatening conditions around the world. Discover why these donors are motivated to donate and donate again to save lives.

Tracy & Bernard
Tracy & Bernard

When Tracy comes in to donate at CSL Plasma, you will also see her accompanied by her husband Bernard. Both Tracy and Bernard Page have been donating plasma at the Lansing, Michigan location for about five years. This husband and wife team enjoys helping others and considers it a "family affair" at CSL Plasma. According to Tracy, "There are sisters, a brother and cousins that all enjoy coming to the Lansing center to donate plasma. We are so proud to be able to help in some small way."

She continues, "We were blood donors in the past and donating plasma seemed to be a way we could help more people and in more ways. Plus, we also received a benefit. Donating is easy and painless. You can help others with very little effort on your part and you are rewarded with some extra play money." Bernard also nods with approval and adds, "If I could make a commercial about giving plasma at CSL Plasma, I would say donate plasma and save a life."

The Pages have interesting professional careers and hobbies. Tracy is an environmental educator and Bernard is a baker. When not working, Tracy says, "Our family likes to camp, fish, hike and take care of our animals. We have two dogs, two cats, fish, 35 chickens and two geese."


Mark Galik first started donating plasma because he needed extra money for graduate school. He saw donating as a way to "not only help myself, but also help others," he said. Mark finds the donation process very easy and simple. He also recommends that you take a good book and relax.

"Donating plasma is a great way to make new friends, and it’s for a good cause. If I could make an advertisement for CSL Plasma, I would say, 'change the world from the comfort of a chair'," Mark stressed.

He is a man of many interests and talents. Mark is an adjunct professor of Writing and Literature at Lansing Community College. He is the official photographer for the Greater Lansing Kidney Walk and for the Mid-Michigan Motorcyclists. In his time off, Mark enjoys reading, writing, digital photography, collecting music, film, karaoke and nature walks. He has two children, Kristen and Jonathan.


Curiosity first brought Katrina Brousseau through the doors of CSL Plasma. "A family member donated plasma and told the rest of us about the positive aspects of donating. I was curious. After I investigated the process and became a plasma donor myself, I was hooked on donating plasma from then on. I started donating in order to help people who needed plasma-based medications. Then, my family needed financial aid. The additional money really kept our family going. Now we really enjoy donating. My uncle needs plasma-based products, so our donations are especially meaningful to me." Due to reasons for donating plasma, Katrina is now one of CSL Plasma’s biggest fans. She said, "I tell all sorts of people about CSL. I try to help educate my friends about plasma. I tell them how helpful the extra money will be for them. The staff is very caring, professional and efficient and this is a big benefit. I even tell others that donating plasma is the best recycling. In other words, CSL recycles life and health. If I could develop an advertisement for CSL Plasma, I would say CSL is a win/win for life!"


Theodore (Theo) Reuschel came to CSL Plasma because of a competitor. He said, "They lacked professionalism". So when Theo came to CSL Plasma, he found something very different. "The center is very clean and employees are extremely professional. It is a great time to sit back and relax. The staff is always friendly," he emphasized.

Even though Theo works eight to five and has a job he describes as "minimal stress", he enjoys the down time at the center. "As I donate, I get time to relax and not have to deal with anything for an hour or two. Also, the compensation is nice for the time spent here", Theo said. Other co-workers and his son also donate at the CSL Plasma center in Lansing, Michigan.

In his free time Theo enjoys gardening, home projects and spending time with his grandchildren. He has three adopted sons and seven grandchildren. Theo also writes church music for vocals and instruments and plays the piano and pipe organ.

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