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CSL Plasma Lends a Helping Hand


CSL Plasma was a sponsor at the recently held Boca Raton Golf Classic at Broken Sound Country Club. As part of that sponsorship, children from the Florida Hemophilia Association were invited on our behalf to a putting clinic with golf pro Miguel Angel Jimenez. What transpired was truly astonishing! Debbi Adamkin, Executive Director of the Florida Hemophilia Association said of the event, ‘I want to thank CSL Plasma for continuing to be a great partner to us. Our kids have really enjoyed getting to meet Miguel and have some quality time on the putting green. Having hemophilia can sometimes prohibit them from participating in contact sports, but golf offers a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy themselves!’” Golf is a sport that these kids can participate in and enjoy while learning new skills. So imagine the delight the patients and their families enjoyed on a recent outing to the PGA course at Broken Sound in Boca Raton. On a picture perfect South Florida afternoon eight children stepped on the green under the tutelage of Miguel Angel Jimenez- ranked 7th in the 2018 PGA Tour of Champions. 

Here is what a couple of the young golfers said of their experience, “Going to the Boca Championship was great, thanks to CSL Plasma and Florida Hemophilia Association! I loved meeting Professional golfers Miguel Angel Jimenez and Olin Brown, it was fun!” from Derek, age 12.


“It was an honor and pleasure for me to meet golf pro, Miguel! And it was great to get some putting tips from him!” Miguelangel, age 14.


“Kenneth loved the experience of going his first championship golf event and meeting a real life pro! He couldn’t’ be more excited as he not only met a pro but also scored an autograph. He will never forget this experience and his family is so grateful!” Kenneth, age 9 and his family.

These kids typically don’t get to participate in many sports because of the diagnosis of hemophilia. Just as a quick background, hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that can be broken down into two categories:

Hemophilia A is the most common type and can also be known as factor VIII deficiency or classic hemophilia. It is largely an inherited disorder in which one of the proteins needed to form blood clots is missing or reduced.
Hemophilia B is the second most common type and can also be known as factor IX deficiency, or Christmas disease.
So you can imagine getting this diagnosis as a kid who just wants to run around and play must be very discouraging!

This amazing story was picked up by local NBC affiliate out of West Palm and ESPN. It is by sharing stories like these that the stigma of having hemophilia is broken and that these kids are allowed to “shine.”