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We Give Thanks for Patients Like This

Cayden thanks

Cayden Krueger is an active and engaging 7-year old. He lives in Wisconsin with his family and has been part of our adopt-a-patient program for the last couple of years. His mom Jenni recently sent Center Manager Jesus Castillo a note that was not only heartfelt but also showcases why we do the work we do at CSL Plasma. We have gotten Jenni’s permission to reprint the note in its entirety. Here it is:

"As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I sit back and reflect on our families last 3 years. There have been some extremely hard days. However, the great days weigh out the bad.

We are so thankful for CSL Plasma. The way you all can make Cayden smile, make him feel like he's on top of the world, and how all of his new " friends " come in to donate plasma to save his life. It makes my heart smile hearing Cayden begging to stop in to see everyone at CSL. I pray that you realize just how much that means to Bob and I. We have developed a friendship with the center in a way that I can't even explain. They are always there for me when I need a good cry, talk, laugh, or prayer. They aren't only there for Cayden but they are always there for the entire Krueger family!!!!

We are so excited and blessed to be able to be involved in the Christmas Parade again this year. Bob feels honored to be able to drive his truck in the parade for CSL Plasma Beloit.

I don't know if you have heard the AMAZING news yet!!! 2 weeks ago Thursday Cayden's hematologist said that he is officially in remission. That was the best news that we have heard in 3 years. We have been praying for remission day in and day out. The doctor said she doesn't know how long remission will last for Cayden. It could be a week, month, year, 10 years, or forever. One just never knows how the body is going to work.

It is because of you, your amazing staff, and the donors that Cayden has entered remission. We are speechless. I sure wish there was a way of thanks that we could show to all of you!!!!

I have started donating myself. Please remember...… I HATE NEEDLES! HA. I am doing it faithful twice a week since August. I am now known as a bronze donor. I was so proud to see that. At first I said I was going to save that money and take Cayden on a much deserved vacation. Well, you know how that goes. I haven't. Ha. I feel great going in there donating! Not for the needles ( of course ) or the money. I'm doing it because I am helping save our son's life!!!!!

I have attached a picture of a wooden picture I have hanging up in our kitchen. I looked at it this morning and I just cried. It brought tears to my eyes. You can just see that Cayden is just loving life in this picture!! I also attached a picture of Cayden at the PDSA convention. That was so much fun. I pray you have an amazing Thanksgiving! Thank you again for everything that you do and for loving Cayden!!!!!! I pray you all feel the love right back from him and the entire Krueger clan!!!!


Jenni Krueger.