iGive Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

What is iGive Rewards?                      

Our donor loyalty program, iGive Rewards, lets you receive credits for every completed donation. You can redeem the credits anytime for a cash payout or special Deal of the Day or other promotional items, when available. The more you donate plasma, the more points you receive, and the rewards get better as you acquire higher status: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Login to your account today to see how many rewards you've earned.

What information do I need to login to iGive Rewards?                      

You can login to iGive Rewards using the last 4 digits of your Donor #, last name, and date of birth. To obtain the last 4 digits of your Donor #, please contact your preferred CSL Plasma donation location.

Where can I access iGive Rewards?                      

You can access iGive Rewards by clicking here. You may also access your account from the donor checkout kiosk, while at your preferred CSL Plasma donation location.

How do I earn iGive Rewards credits?                      

You can earn iGive Rewards credits for completed donations, completing surveys and special promotions and offers. Login today to see how many credits you’ve earned.

How long does it take for donation credits to post to my iGive Rewards account?                      

Donation credits are automatically uploaded into your account 7 days within the following month.

What is the E Rewards survey?                      

The E Rewards Survey allows you, our loyal donors, to provide feedback and nominate employees that provide excellent customer service.

Do iGive Rewards credits expire?                      

iGive Rewards credits expire if:
1) There is a lapse in donations of 30 days or longer.
2) If you do not login to your account at least once every 180 days (6 months).*
*When points expire due to login inactivity (after 180 days), points will continue to expire monthly (every 30 days) thereafter and continue expiring until such time as the next log in occurs.

What are the membership levels for iGive Rewards?                      

iGive Rewards offers additional recognition through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership levels. Membership levels are based on calendar year donations (January 1st – December 31st). To reach one of the membership levels, the required donation count must be met within the current calendar year. All membership levels reset at the beginning of each new calendar year (on January 1). Click here to review the full list of benefits and donation criteria for reaching each level.

How do I opt-in and sign up for special email and/or text messaging offers and promotions?                      

You can opt-in in two ways 1) Login to your iGive Rewards donor loyalty account and select the email/text messaging icon from the home screen, or 2) While logged into your account, select the 'My Profile' tab at the top of the home screen, and edit your communication preferences. In order to receive special promotions from CSL Plasma, enter your email address and mobile phone number, opt-in and save your preferences.

What types of messages will I receive when I opt-in?                      

CSL Plasma will send you information about upcoming promotions in your region. In addition, you can receive an email/text on closures due to bad weather.

Where can I view my complete credits history?                      

Your credits history (donations, surveys, membership levels, account activity) can be viewed by selecting the “My Donations” tab, when you login to your iGive Rewards donor loyalty account.

How can I use my credits?                      

You can redeem the credits, choosing from a variety of rewards offered by selecting the 'Online Store'. Simply redeem your points and complete the checkout process.

When will I receive my order?                      

Fast Cash orders are electronically loaded to your reloadable prepaid card within 24 - 48 business hours. All physical goods are shipped to arrive within 4 – 6 weeks of order placement. Orders are shipped to the address on file at your preferred CSL Plasma donation location unless otherwise stated.

How can I update my address in iGive Rewards?                      

All addresses must be updated at your preferred CSL Plasma donation location. Once updated, the new address will upload into your iGive Rewards profile within 24-72 hours.

Do you have an iGive Rewards question not listed above?                      

Please contact your local CSL Plasma center.