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Giving Has Its Rewards

All donors are compensated for their time with payments made on a reloadable prepaid card, and our donors can also accumulate points through our iGive Rewards program. Here’s what you need to know.


iGive Rewards®

Saving lives just got more rewarding! Our donor rewards program, iGive Rewards®, lets you receive points for every completed donation and turn these points into gift cards or express passes (where eligible).

iGive Rewards® Details

My Reloadable Prepaid Card Manager

The reloadable prepaid card means your payment is loaded directly onto a reloadable card after you complete your donation and will be ready immediately for use.

Check Your Balance, Manage Your Card and more

First time donors, please contact the center to confirm that your home address is within our recruitment area prior to visiting since it varies per location.

*New donors can earn up to $400. Compensation and promotions for eligible, qualified donors vary by location and weight. Ask the center manager at your preferred donation location for details about your compensation.