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iGive Rewards® 


Saving lives is so rewarding!

Our donor loyalty program, iGive Rewards® , lets you receive points for every completed donation. You can redeem the points anytime for Fast Cash or special Deal of the Day merchandise when available. The more you donate plasma, the more points you receive, and the rewards get better as you acquire higher status: Bronze, Silver, Gold or the exclusive Platinum level

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iGive rewards loyalty program

iGive Rewards®  Loyalty Program

Exclusive Platinum members earn more.
Take a minute to complete our survey for your last donation and receive an extra iGive Rewards®  point!

Helpful Information

Donor Identification

Number If you have forgotten your donor ID number, please ask any helpful CSL Plasma staff member the next time you donate. To login to your iGive Rewards®  account, you need to input your last name, date of birth and last four digits of your donor ID #.

Expiring iGive Rewards®  Points

iGive Rewards®  Points expire if there is a lapse in donations of 30 days or longer and/or if you do not login to your account at least once every 180 days (6 months). Note: When points expire due to login inactivity (after 180 days), points will continue to expire monthly (every 30 days) thereafter and continue expiring until such time as the next login occurs. Please ask any helpful CSL Plasma staff member at your local CSL Plasma Center for more information.

iGive Rewards® Fast Cash and Orders

Once ordered, Fast Cash orders are electronically loaded to your reloadable prepaid card within 24–48 business hours. All physical goods (e.g. VIP card/Express Pass) are shipped to arrive within 4–6 weeks of order being placed. Remember: Orders are shipped to the address on center file. If you feel there’s an issue, please ask one of the helpful CSL Plasma staff members where you donate.

Frequently Asked Questions about the iGive Rewards®  program.