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Don't See What You're Looking For?                      

Please call 1-866-275-6800 for more information. Thank you.

Donation Center Hours and Locations?                      

You’ll be happy to know that appointments are not necessary. To find out the hours of operation for the CSL Plasma center nearest you, click here.

iGive Rewards                      

iGive is CSL Plasma’s donor loyalty program. The more you donate, the more points you earn and the bigger the rewards.

Donor Identification Number
If you have forgotten your donor ID number, please ask any helpful CSL Plasma staff member the next time you donate. To login to your iGive Rewards account, you need to input your last name, date of birth and last four digits of your donor ID #.

Expiring iGive Rewards Points
iGive Rewards Points expire if there is a lapse in donations of 30 days or longer and/ or if you do not login to your account at least once every 180 days(6 months).Note: When points expire due to login inactivity(after 180 days), points will continue to expire monthly(every 30 days) thereafter and continue expiring until such time as the next login occurs. Please ask any helpful CSL Plasma staff member at your local CSL Plasma Center for more information.

iGive Orders (including Fast Cash)
Once ordered, Fast Cash orders are eletronically loaded to your reloadable prepaid card within 24–48 business hours. All physical goods(e.g.VIP card / Express Pass) are shipped to arrive within 4–6 weeks of order being placed. Remember: Orders are shipped to the address on center file. If you feel there’s an issue, please ask one of the helpful CSL Plasma staff members where you donate.
Learn more about iGive Rewards

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Medical or Deferral Question                      

If this is a medical emergency call 911.
Due to the specific and confidential nature of your question regarding a medical condition, medication, deferral, donation issue, etc., please ask to speak to one of our medical staff professionals or center managers at your local CSL Plasma center.

If you have an urgent Medical, Safety or Compliance Concern, click here.

To learn more about donating at CSL Plasma see frequently asked questions.

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Job Opportunities                      

Make your next job an exciting and satisfying career by joining the CSL Plasma Team! To learn more and apply for a position with CSL Plasma, visit our Careers section.

Thank you for your interest in CSL. If you are experiencing technical issues with your application, please contact your local center (or other facility such as the CSL Plasma Lab).

Requirements for Donating                      

  • Anyone in good health, between the ages of 18-65,
  • Who weighs at least 100 pounds,
  • Has no tattoos or piercings with the last 12 months,
  • Meets our eligibility and screening requirements, and
  • Has valid identification and a permanent address is eligible to donate plasma.

Documents Needed

  • Valid form of photo identification with valid signature,
  • Proof of residency, and
  • Proof of a social security number.

Proof of residency includes, but is not limited to, a piece of mail postmarked in the past 30 days with your name and address clearly written on the envelope, current lease, etc. Contact your local CSL Plasma center if you have any other documentation questions.

Donation Eligibility Including Medical Questions

For questions about donation eligibility, including medications, medical conditions or medical procedures, contact your local CSL Plasma center to speak to a Medical Staff Associate.

See frequently asked questions to learn more about donating at CSL Plasma.

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Reloadable Prepaid Card                      

CSL Plasma donors are compensated using a reloadable prepaid card. To find out what the donation compensation is for your area, please contact your local CSL Plasma center.

Lost, Stolen or Expired Card
To report a lost or stolen card and to receive a new card call one of these numbers, depending on the card you have:

  • BLUE/BLACK Card (Mastercard) - call 877-855-7201
  • RED Card – call 1-866-275-0200 (1-866-CSL-0200)
  • YELLOW Card (Bank of America) call 866-692-9282 for English or 866-656-5913 for Spanish

PIN Number
If you forget your pin number, you can call the number on the back of your reloadable prepaid card to reset. To protect yourself, please DO NOT give your card information to anyone. We recommend resetting your PIN periodically for security purposes. Remember, you determine your PIN number.

Card Balance or Card Fees
You can check your balance by going online, logging in at the center’s Marketing kiosk, by receiving text alerts, or by calling the toll-free number on the back of your reloadable prepaid card.

For any transaction or fee related questions call the toll-free number on the back of your reloadable prepaid card.

Donation Amount
If you have a question about your donation compensation (not bank or card related), please ask one of the helpful CSL Plasma staff members on your next visit or call your local CSL Plasma center.

Learn more about your Reloadable Prepaid Card

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Recent Donation Experience                      

CSL Plasma is committed to providing the best in customer service to our loyal plasma donors. We would like to know about your recent center visit.

If you have a medical or deferral question related to a recent donation experience see Medical or Deferral Questions.

Tell Us About Your Recent Donation Experience

You may also speak to a member of management the next time you donate.

If you a member of the media and would like a press kit, visit our Media Center.