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Nuestros centros de recoleccion de plasma estan abiertos y estan aumentando las medidas de proteccion para garantizar que sean seguros para todos durante esta crisis de COVID-19. Mas Informacion


Referral Program

Plasma Donation Referral

Friends refer friends to donate plasma

When you refer your friends, everyone wins. You could get a plasma donation referral bonus of 5,000 iGive Rewards® points and your friend could get a bonus of 500 points.

  • Unlimited referrals - limited time only!
  • Eligible for Qualified, new donors only
  • Referring donor must have donated in the last 30 days
  • All bonuses will be awarded through iGive Rewards® points

If you are using a mobile device, download the app to get started.

Referral Steps

How it Works

You could receive a plasma donation referral bonus of 5,000 iGive Rewards® Points when your referral makes their second donation at a CSL Plasma center.

Your referral may get up an extra 500 iGive Rewards® Points on top of their normal donation fees on their second donation.

1. Current Donor navigates to Refer a Friend section of the App on Home Screen

2. Current Donor utilizes their address book to target contacts or enters a phone number/email 

3. New Donor receives registration link and welcome message

4. New Donor registers on the form after accessing the link, this electronically binds them to the referring donor

5. New Donor then is prompted to download the App

6. New Donor logs into the App utilizing the username and password created when they registered on the referral link, this brings them to a Pre Donor screen in the App

7. Once the New Donor arrives at a CSL Plasma location and profile is created, the New Donor is provided with a Donor ID
8. New Donor will select "Activate iGive Rewards", enter in their provided Donor ID, this will move the New Donor from a Pre Donor to a Current Donor in the App triggering the referral relationship to reward both users after the New Donor completes their second donation

Your friends are more likely to donate if you call them personally and tell them about the program. Don't forget to tell them that donating plasma is a great way to help save a life and have extra money for a rainy day.


All bonuses are awarded in iGive Rewards® points.

For each donor referred, you receive extra $

  • You receive 5,000 iGive Rewards® Points on the new donor's second donation

As a new donor, you receive extra $

  • You receive an extra 500 iGive Rewards® Points on your second donation

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limit on the number of donors you can refer (limited time only). 

Through the home page of the CSL Plasma App (Refer a Donor). If you do not have a smartphone or the CSL Plasma App, you can refer a donor by going to