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Donor Story: Meet Alfred

“Saving lives has never been easier.”

Alfred A.

Alfred A. is a CSL Plasma donor in San Antonio, Texas, and has been donating plasma for just a few months. 

He shares he has found time for donating plasma regularly in his routine and appreciates the efficient experiences he has had, while being able to make a difference for others.

He began donating plasma, while in school full-time and working part-time. The payments in connection with donating plasma provided additional extra money that helped him. Donating plasma was also a way to help others.

Alfred recalls from his time spend in the U.S. army how a therapy from donated plasma was used to treat a friend suffering from burns while deployed.

“Plasma was one of his many treatments,” he shares. “The impact that had on me is that you never really think of the importance of donating until something happens to you or someone you care about who ends up needing a plasma-based therapy.”

Plasma donation is needed more than ever, Alfred adds: “Saving lives has never been easier.”

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