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Nuestros centros de recoleccion de plasma estan abiertos y estan aumentando las medidas de proteccion para garantizar que sean seguros para todos durante esta crisis de COVID-19. Mas Informacion

Caroline Kruse

La fundadora de la Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA) siente el dolor en carne propia


Krissy G.

Krissy G. is from Danville, Kentucky. She works in customer service, and is a mother and grandmother. She enjoys going to the beach and living each day to the fullest.

Affected by Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), she knows firsthand about the importance of plasma donation. 

CVID is a primary immune deficiency disease characterized by low levels of protective antibodies and an increased risk of infections. The disease most often is diagnosed in adults, but also can occur in children.

“My passion is to spread as much awareness about immune deficiency disorders and importance of plasma donation,” says Krissy. “My motivation is my son and grandson. They are my everything and keep me fighting on the hard days.”

Because of her condition, Krissy does not produce the antibodies that a healthy person would to fight infections. It took her 25 years to get a diagnosis. Before receiving regular plasma-based therapies, she was in and out of hospitals with infections – some so severe that her life was threatened.

Krissy wants plasma donors to know how thankful she is and how they have blessed her life. “Plasma donors continue to save my life each and every week. I am able to continue being a mom and ‘Mimi’ because of you. You truly are my heroes and guardian angels.”

“I also can’t thank the amazing employees at CSL Plasma enough for all they do,” says Krissy, who visits plasma centers in Lexington, Kentucky, when she can. “They treat me like family and always welcome me with open arms. Without CSL Plasma employees, there wouldn’t be a place for donors to donate”

For first time plasma donors or those considering donation, Krissy states: “We need you. It takes hundreds to thousands of donors to help people get the treatments they need. You can make a vital impact in our patient community. You can be a hero!”