Your Donation Matters)

Your Donation Matters

Who needs plasma therapies?

It is essential that willing, healthy people donate plasma. Every year it takes:

  • 1200

    Plasma donations to treat ONE PATIENT for hemophilia

  • 130

    Plasma donations to treat ONE PATIENT for primary immune deficiency

  • 900

    Plasma donations to treat ONE PATIENT for ALPHA-1 antitrypsin deficiency

These therapies replace missing or deficient proteins that allow individuals to lead healthy and more productive lives. Patients that rely on these therapies generally require regular infusions or injections throughout their lives. The diseases and conditions treated by plasma protein therapies are considered rare diseases because they affect a relatively small percentage of the population. Most of these conditions are genetic and chronic

Advocating for Patients

Advocating for Patients

There are many organizational advocates doing great work for and on behalf of the vast patient communities served by plasma-derived therapies.

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