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Many protective safety measures are in place to help ensure our plasma collection centers are safe during the COVID-19 crisis. A thorough screening is also conducted to ensure you can donate. Find out more

Meet Erin

"It makes me feel good knowing that you are helping to save lives."
Erin Sanders

Erin Sanders loves telling others she donates plasma. In fact, she boasts of recruiting friends and family to join her and donate plasma at the CSL Plasma location in Duluth, Minnesota.

She says, “It makes me feel good knowing that you are helping to save lives. Many years ago, my son benefited from receiving plasma products. He was premature and needed help. I’m pleased to say that now he is 18 years old and healthy. So when I heard the radio ad about donating life-saving plasma, I drove over to the CSL Plasma location on West Superior Street to check it out. I’ve been donating ever since.

“There are also added benefits to donating plasma. I use my donor compensation to fund my love of traveling. I enjoy traveling around the world and have been to Chicago, Belize, Cozumel, and Miami," she says. Erin is currently saving up for a trip to Jamaica and New Orleans.

Erin adds, “The employees at the center are friendly and very knowledgeable. The center location is convenient and located in the beautiful downtown area. This December I will mark my two-year anniversary and I plan to continue to tell others about the value in donating plasma”.

Besides traveling, Erin runs her own jewelry business and is a sign language interpreter. Center Manager Dennis Lofald says, “Erin is exactly the kind of person CSL Plasma is looking for. Her and her son's story shows that we are all touched by the life-saving products that CSL Behring produces.”