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Curiosity first brought Katrina Brousseau through the doors of CSL Plasma. "A family member donated plasma and told the rest of us about the positive aspects of donating. I was curious. After I investigated the process and became a plasma donor myself, I was hooked on donating plasma from then on. I started donating in order to help people who needed plasma-based medications. Then, my family needed financial aid. The additional money really kept our family going. Now we really enjoy donating. My uncle needs plasma-based products, so our donations are especially meaningful to me." Due to reasons for donating plasma, Katrina is now one of CSL Plasma’s biggest fans. She said, "I tell all sorts of people about CSL. I try to help educate my friends about plasma. I tell them how helpful the extra money will be for them. The staff is very caring, professional and efficient and this is a big benefit. I even tell others that donating plasma is the best recycling. In other words, CSL recycles life and health. If I could develop an advertisement for CSL Plasma, I would say CSL is a win/win for life!"