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Theodore (Theo) Reuschel came to CSL Plasma because of a competitor. He said, "They lacked professionalism". So when Theo came to CSL Plasma, he found something very different. "The center is very clean and employees are extremely professional. It is a great time to sit back and relax. The staff is always friendly," he emphasized.

Even though Theo works eight to five and has a job he describes as "minimal stress", he enjoys the down time at the center. "As I donate, I get time to relax and not have to deal with anything for an hour or two. Also, the compensation is nice for the time spent here", Theo said. Other co-workers and his son also donate at the CSL Plasma center in Lansing, Michigan.

In his free time Theo enjoys gardening, home projects and spending time with his grandchildren. He has three adopted sons and seven grandchildren. Theo also writes church music for vocals and instruments and plays the piano and pipe organ.