Jordan Spitzer Large

Jordan has been sick most of his life. He’s only seven-years-old and for the past five years his parents know he has a condition known as CVID/hypogammahlobulinemia*. Before that, he was in and out of doctor offices and in the hospital emergency room. His condition is very rare and Jordan relies on plasma donation so that he can receive life-saving therapy.

According to his mother Jessica Switzer, Jordan was a sick little guy. “When he was only two month’s old, we were headed to the grocery store and within 20 minutes of being in his car seat, Jordan’s face had bruising all over. In a panic, we drove him to the emergency room. No one there could explain the odd facial bruising. One month later, Jordan was rushed to the University of Maryland Hospital with pneumonia in both lungs. He was there for almost two weeks,” she explained.

Jessica continued, “During the next two years, we saw 27 different pediatricians to find out what was going on with Jordan and why he was so sick all the time. He had frequent ear infections which led to four ear surgeries in only in two years. Plus, he had his adenoids and tonsil’s removed”.

Yet there was light at the end of the tunnel. Jordan’s mother said, “We were so thankful when we found his pediatrician Karen Vorsteg. She has stood by our side and has fought for Jordan and giving us answers. We also have many doctors and healthcare professionals that have been very instrumental in son’s care. Some of these individuals have also donated plasma in honor of Jordan.”