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Meet Angela

"My tenure with CSL Plasma has allowed me extensive growth and learning."

Employee Story: Angela

Angela D. is a Regional Director for CSL Plasma, building on a 30+ year career with the company. She joined the plasma industry after moving to Utah following college. She began as part-time reception technician growing into full-time roles as Phlebotomist, Laboratory Technician and Center Supervisor. She opened the CSL Plasma center in South Salt Lake City as Assistant Center Manager.

“My tenure with CSL Plasma has allowed me extensive growth and learning. I have held a number of roles to include Center Manager, Regional Quality Manager, Supplier Quality Manager, Associate Director of Operations and Quality and now Regional Director,” Angela shares.

As Regional Director, she leads a team of Associate Directors of Operations and Quality and teams at 26 plasma collection centers toward achieving center and organizational goals, providing support and development, and ensuring centers meets the highest quality and operational standards.

“Every day, I see the dedication of our team and donors to provide life-saving plasma,” says Angela. “The incredible display of giving for the sake of others is always very humbling. There is no greater community than donors and employees here to help those in need.”

Angela remembers a moment when her mother had surgery years ago, and plasma-derived treatment helped when her mother experienced complications.

CSL Plasma is truly invested in people: “Employees, donors and patients are what drive the organization” says Angela. “In my career, I have done all I can to add value to the lives of my colleagues, customers and patients. In no other field could I possibly experience the growth, learning and genuine contribution to society that I have every day at CSL Plasma.”

And through challenges of the pandemic, CSL Plasma has consistently invested in people and caring for others, Angela shares, “CSL Plasma has endless opportunities. If making a difference is what drives you, CSL Plasma has a home for you.”

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