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Many protective safety measures are in place to help ensure our plasma collection centers are safe during the COVID-19 crisis. A thorough screening is also conducted to ensure you can donate. Find out more

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Referral Program

Plasma Donation Referral

Friends refer friends to donate plasma

When you refer your friends, everyone wins. You could get a plasma donation referral bonus of 5,000 iGive Rewards® points and your friend could get a bonus of 500 points.

  • Unlimited referrals - limited time only!
  • Eligible for Qualified, new donors only
  • Referring donor must have donated in the last 30 days
  • All bonuses will be awarded through iGive Rewards® points

If you are using a mobile device, download the app to get started.

Referral Steps

Referral Steps

How it Works


All bonuses are awarded in iGive Rewards® points.

For each donor referred, you receive extra $

  • You receive 5,000 iGive Rewards® Points on the new donor's second donation

As a new donor, you receive extra $

  • You receive an extra 500 iGive Rewards® Points on your second donation

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