Complete an Online Health Screening Before Your Plasma Donation

Engineered for your safety. Avoid the kiosk lines, complete SAHH Questionnaire online.


How It Works (powered by Donor360)

  • Complete the day of your donation*
  • Complete the questionnaire independently
  • Receive a CSL Pass once completed
  • Show your CSL Pass to staff upon arrival** 

Important Note: Please read the following document prior to beginning the online SAHH questionnaire.

  • Instructions to Complete Online Self Administered Health History Questionnaire

Get Started

Download our new CSL Plasma App for access OR start your health history questionnaire now by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only donors that already have a record created in the center’s donor system will be able to complete the Online Health History.

You must enter all 5 fields to exactly match the information you provided to the center and that was entered into the center’s donor system: first name, last name, gender, the identification type provided at the center and the last 5 digits of the identification number.

Regardless of the language choice selected in Donor360, it will launch the questionnaire based upon your language preference entered in DMS. The Spanish (Espanol) option is for donors that only speak Spanish.


Visit your local center and see staff for further explanation.

*CSL Pass must be completed each time, on the day of your donation. Not valid for future donation dates.

If you are unable to produce your Donor Pass, you will be required to complete SAHH questionnaire at kiosk upon arrival.

**You will proceed directly to the Health Screening Line.