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Many protective safety measures are in place to help ensure our plasma collection centers are safe during the COVID-19 crisis. A thorough screening is also conducted to ensure you can donate. Find out more

Donor Story: Meet Mandi

Donor Profile: Mandi
Mandi P.

Mandi P. has been donating plasma for about six months. Her primary CSL Plasma center is located in Beloit, Wisconsin.

She appreciates the friendly faces at her donation center as well as the ability that donating plasma gives her to help others.

Mandi recently completed her 50th plasma donation, and was excited to see through the CSL Plasma donor app that she has helped more than 100 people affected by serious and rare diseases. She loves to watch that number increase.

“I donate now because it’s an honor to be able to help others,” says Mandi. “The thought of giving someone else more time and a better quality of life is so rewarding!”

She encourages others to donate plasma, as well.

*Donors featured have received iGive Rewards® points for taking time to share their feedback with CSL Plasma.