Employee Story:

Meet Nathan

“Every day, I see plasma donors Do the Amazing when they come in to donate and help us save lives.” 

Employee Story: Nathan

Nathan D. is an Assistant Center Manager (ACM) with CSL Plasma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He began with the company as a plasma donor, coming out of retirement to rejoin the workforce.

Nathan has worked with the company for nearly five years, but over two different periods. He began his career as a Plasma Processer and Donor Service Technician in Norman, Oklahoma. He left the company for two years, but returned to the CSL Plasma center in Parma Heights, Ohio, in February 2018, working in reception and cross-training to support other center roles.

He soon entered the management trainee program, working in rotating roles at CSL Plasma centers across Ohio. Following the program, he became an interim ACM at a center in Elyria, Ohio, moving into the permanent role one year later. In July of 2021, he was promoted to his current center.

“I have varied responsibilities that include ensuring smooth operations on the donor floor, helping resolve issues such as payroll or employee relations, and helping ensure a positive employee and donor experience,” Nathan shares.

CSL Plasma has a strong track record of promoting from within. He appreciates the great atmosphere at all centers where he has worked as well as leadership that works to prioritize employees and plasma donors.

“Every day, I see plasma donors Do the Amazing when they come in to donate and help us save lives,” Nathan shares. “No matter how hard of a day it is at work, there is a rewarding feeling of making a positive difference in the lives of donors and patients that cannot be replaced.” 

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